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Nivalis Solutions

Nivalis Solutions Co. founded in the heart of Europe, is a dynamic high-tech company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and distribution of cold chain devices and thermal solutions to protect integrity of temperature sensitive products. We partner with and support governments, health institutions, life science, food, chemical and industrial companies around the globe.

Today, we offer an end-to-end solution of CE and UN Certified devices which include medical-grade vaccine transport boxes, laboratory carriers, blood bank portable refrigerators and temperature data loggers, ranging from ambient to ultra-low temperature that secure an unbroken cold chain for the safe storage and transport of any temperature-sensitive product.

We focus on research, innovation and knowledge striving to ensure that all our cold chain solutions and supporting components offer the highest standards of performance, with the lowest impact on your wallet and on our environment.

Partner with Nivalis

Nivalis Solutions strongly focuses on the development of its international business. Throughout the years, we have developed a wide portfolio of products for the territories of the Czech republic and surounding countries in the European region. Some of our well-established products would be available for further territories under distribution.

From a strategic point of view, we find it crucial to continuously launch new products which are innovative and address complex cold chain issues. We enhance our product portfolio in order to make our products available in international markets as well.

Our company has a strong track record in creating value through partnerships with several companies, local and global players. We wish to expand our network of distributors thus, we continuously look for collaboration opportunities with international distributors.